Software systems will inevitably become more distributed in their structure and more parallel in their processing. The number of devices and form factors is exploding. Network bandwidth in general and mobile internet availability are increasing. The growth of CPU power is not measured in GHz anymore but in the number of cores.

Xcoordination is about coordination of functional software units of all sizes: from small components to enterprise applications. We collaborate with the software developer community, academia and industry in order to provide you with leading edge coordination technologies.

Planning, implementing, and connecting the functional units for complex software systems needs to become much easier than it is today, to enable many more developers to take advantage of the technological options. Distributed software and parallel processing must no longer remain the domain of few experts.

Xcoordination's focus is on empowering software developers to build such systems in a much more efficient way than today; we call the concept behind this Space Based Computing (SBC). Our technologies focus on closing the gap between the current mainstream mindset used to local synchronous algorithms and the necessary mindset for distributed asynchronous processes.

We want to put into the reach of every developer the distribution and parallelization of her functional units. Only this way future customer needs can be fulfilled and hardware options exploited.

At Xcoordination we love "multitude software", i.e. software that thrives on the multitudes available to us like

  • multiple CPU cores
  • multiple operating system processes
  • multiple real or virtual machines, and
  • multiple sites.

With our technologies we want to make it easier to grow and span the multitudes. Simplicity, usability, and efficiency are our core values:

Check out our Xcoordination Application Space, to learn how we think a single programming model should look to take software from local synchronous operation to worldwide asynchronous processing.

Or have a look at our Xcoordination Coordination Space, to see how easy we envision data sharing to be.